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  Home Intercom System with Multi-Room Music


Entertaining music all over the house on weekends? Do you want to make your Sundays more relaxing with whole house music background? Smooth jazz, Bach or Gregorian in the air?

Now available a simple quality whole house sound system that you can install yourself:
  • without adding wires throughout your home or rewiring.
  • without the complexity of distributing audio signals between sources and receivers.
  • without the installation cost from professional installers

To set this system up, just plug the speakers into your phone jacks. Then plug the audio jack (earphone jack) of your music source (CD/Cassette/Radio player) into the nearby phone jack with a special audio cord. And you are all set!

This system uses your spare pair of phone wires (black/yellow). Each speaker is a complete 14-watt amplifier with its own volume control and a power on/off button. You plug the power cord into the power outlet and the audio cord into the nearby phone jack. You can use any audio appliance at any location as your music source.

You can set the volume of each speaker as might be convenient: low background music in the bedroom or entertaining sound level in the basement. With a capability for over 10 speakers, you can virtually add background music at every location in your home. Plus the convenience to turn off any particular speaker at any time.

All speakers are tabletop speakers of 2.5 in x 4 in x 6 in.  Easy tabletop install. In-Wall types also available. Color: white ivory. A great whole house music system which goes soft on your budget.

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