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  Home Intercom System with Video Surveillance


If you are considering to complement your home intercom system with a video entry system, it is not a good idea to install a stand-alone video doorphone appliance. These appliances are a good choice only as stand-alone viewing equipments, that is if you only want viewing functions (door, pool area or nursery), with no intercom functionality within your home. This remains true even though the in-home video set incorporates a telephone handset instead of a plain audio handset, or even if two or three in-home video sets can be hooked to the same door module.

What you probably need is a system overall that will allow you to speak to a guest at your door from any handset inside the home and be able to see the visitor from any of these locations where a handset is available. Note that the video door module will not alert your home intercom system when your guest hits the call button. So you would also need to install the intercom doorphone next to the video doorphone. Aside from being inelegant, this obviously creates a conflict for the visitor: which button to push? The stand-alone video system will not interoperate with any telephone intercom system, and vice versa. Many other functional conflicts arise which make both systems downright incompatible with one another. Hence this is an undesirable setup.

A simple, elegant and effective solution is to install rather a mini-camera/modulator system which easily integrates to your TV cable distribution system. Of course, you can always connect the mini camera directly to the TV set in your kitchen (or wherever else) through a coax cable. This is the simplest solution of all! A small TV set makes it all nice and neat. The TV set does not even have to be close to the phone.

If you need to see your guests from every location where a handset is available, you  need to make available at every wall cable jack the images coming in from your mini camera. To do so, you connect the camera to an RF (radio frequency) modulator placed at the head end of the cable wiring. The output of the modulator delivers to your coax cable system, which makes the camera images available everywhere. The modulator allows you to select a specific channel to view the camera images either from your cable box or from the UHF band of your TV sets (channels 70 to 125 on Cable or 14 to 69 on UHF). You will probably set the TV set in your kitchen to the selected channel on standby. When your telephone intercom system indicates via distinctive ring that a guest is at your door while you are in the kitchen, you'll just pick up the phone, watch the screen to identify the visitor and attend to the call. If you pick up the call from anywhere else and the TV set available at the location was turned off, you'll just have to turn it on, select the appropriate channel to screen your visitor, and attend to the call. The time out on door intercom calls with the Ennovah systems is very long. So, no hurry, no hassle. Also if you are monitoring the pool area, front or back porch and need to say something as a result of your watch, you can directly dial the access code to the doorphone from the extension phone and speak out.

How much cost-effective is this solution? It costs you less that a video door phone appliance, and gives you unlimited flexibility. You can have dedicated monitoring mini TV sets at locations of your choice. The convenience to expand  and restrict is all yours.

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