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Yeah! Choose Ennovah and go have a world of fun and comfort around

your home! You will never get so much for so little!!

The Ultimatoll: A sophisticated telephone intercom system at a price every body can afford.

  If you are looking for a dedicated mural intercom system for your new home, or a cheap speaker-based intercom system for your existing or remodeling home, think again! There are so many reasons why not to. Here is a few:

  • When you are in an intercom conversation with your mural stations and the phone rings, you have to interrupt your communication, drive yourself to the nearest phone to attend to the phone call.
  • If you are on a phone call and somebody calls you from another room, or a guest at your door rings the intercom doorbell, again you have to interrupt your communication, drive yourself to the nearest wall intercom station and get back to the phone when you are done with the intercom call. Otherwise somebody else has to answer the door.
  • When you need to transfer a phone call to another room, you have to get off the phone, get yourself to the nearest wall intercom station, announce the call and get back to the phone to hang up the handset.
  • To tamper these inconveniences, you need at least an intercom station at every location where you have a phone. If you have many phones (over 6), your budget...hum...
  • Even installing your phones close to the intercom stations does not completely solve the problem. How about when you rover around with your cordless handset or headset and need to transfer a call? Yard, pool area, yakusi? You'll also hardly be reachable for intercom or call transfer.
  • Most of the time, your existing phones will be sitting idle and your intercom stations as well, as usual in a household. That  means waste of the money you invested in sophisticated phones and the expensive mural intercom system.
  • With a cheap speaker-based wireless intercom system, you can't have a single piece of home automation equipment, those being incompatible with X10 technology. Home automation is the basis for the most rewarding amenities in a home. Never rule it out.
  • Most people don't expect to have to alternatively push a button at your doorbox to talk, as they will have to if you put them in front of a cheap door box equipment. So... 
  • You can see that all of the above defeats the whole purpose of comfort and elegance that most people seek in home electronics.
  • You will not be able to handle properly the home and business communications required by a SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) with disparate phone/intercom equipments. If you plan to never have a SOHO, then...

   If you think you can only have wholehouse music background with a mural intercom system, think again!

   No, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to have an integrated telephone/intercom system with music background capability, voice mail, multiple door access control, etc...

   Finally, an affordable telephone intercom/entry access system that is also plug and play to make your life easier! Not a conventional phone system. Not a conventional intercom system. THE Ennovah Q-26! The most powerful home telephone intercom system in the market! Patented technology.


See what Ennovah can do for you!

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