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The OmniCom 64 is an Apartment Building Intercom System based on telephone operation. We mean thereby that the system works with tenants' home telephones, on a dedicated phone line to the whole system or with the tenant's own phone lines. It consists of an Entry Access Panel, which installs at the building entrance, a Controller box which installs at the utility location of the building and an electric door buzzer strike to be installer at the jamb of the entry door. This multi-unit entry intercom system provides visitors with easy call initiation at the Entry Access Panel. The Panel offers a metal telephone keypad for guests to punch in the number of the apartment unit they wish to visit. They will hit one single key for apartments numbered from 1 to 9 and only two keys for the rest.

This apartment building intercom system gives every chosen resident the ability to forward calls from visitors arriving at lobby to any remote off-premise phone number, i.e. their cell phone. Therefore residents may attend to theirs guest while  away from home (at work, beach, out-of-town, abroad!). This is a great commodity for residents, especially when they are going to be away for a while, i.e. on vacation. They may also remotely release the entry door from the remote phone giving access to the guest toward their own apartment unit.

This apartment building intercom system is in fact a hybrid system which operates both as an Auto-Dial Intercom System and as a Line Intercept Intercom system. These classes of service may be chosen for any one resident in the building. The Auto-Dial classes of service may be run over the common dedicate phone line to the system or over every resident's own phone line. The Line Intercept classes of service runs over resident's line with an actual dial tone or vacant lines with no dial tone. The system is configurable in a very flexible fashion to meet the desired service cost structure in a specific building, to the great benefit of building owners, administrators or apartment owner residents.

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